Youth Mental Health

The fund recognizes the importance of access and interaction to nature as an important part of enabling youth mental health. The fund sponsored a youth to participate in the ‘Ontario Nature Youth Summit for Mother Earth’ in September 2023.
youth mental health

Funded: Summit Participation

for one youth attendee.

Held in September each year since 2010, the Youth Summit engages young leaders from dozens of communities across the province. Our annual Youth Summit brings together young people aged 14–20 for a weekend of nature exploration, environmental learning and outdoor fun.

For the 2023 Youth Summit, Ontario Nature, the Indigenous Environmental Institute at Trent UniversityPlenty Canada, and Walpole Island Land Trust will be partnering with our leaders on the Youth Council and Youth Circle for Mother Earth’s Coordinating Circle to offer a unique, cross-cultural event for youth across Ontario.

The participant said this about the experience:

‘The summit was more than I had hoped it would be. I met so many wonderful youth that are interested and passionate about the environment, just like me. I led a birding walk early on Saturday the 22nd for the first time and participated in some very interesting workshops. My favourite part of the summit was definitely meeting like-minded youth, which was my goal for the weekend.’