Anchor Donation and Granting

$1.1 Million

Initial Anchor Donation

The anchor donation is made up of a $1.0 Million endowment fund and a $100,000 flow-through fund.

The endowment fund is a permanent legacy for the community, generating sustainable income for grants year after year, forever.

The companion flow-through fund provides access to funding if an important project appears that needs more immediate investment.

Both funds are held at Toronto Foundation, one of Canada’s largest community foundations. In addition to the South Georgian Bay Innovation Fund, Toronto Foundation is home to more than 500 individual, family, organizational and corporate funds. Read more about Toronto Foundation at

Over time the fund aspires to become a true community fund, attracting additional partners and financial contributions from local philanthropists and other sources, all who share a collective desire to accelerate positive change in the South Georgian Bay region.

2023 Grants

In early 2023 the fund’s team reached out to learn more about the pressing issues in the community and the innovative approaches to them.

Two areas were identified for the fund’s initial focus: increasing conservation and accessibility to maximize the healing power of nature; and integration of nature and prevention strategies in youth mental health.

Multiple researchers and organizations have articulated proven results of the healing power of nature. One such study, ”A Healthy Dose of Green” was published by Forests Ontario (formerly Trees Ontario).  Read the report here.