The Natural Environment

In August 2023 the South Georgian Bay Innovation pledged $75,000 over three years to the Escarpment Corridor Alliance (ECA).

The grant will focus on three areas that align with the ECA’s strategic priorities. First is development of a youth environmental stewardship program. Second, is developing the conceptof a ‘nature-based conservation economy vision’. Third is support for the planning and launch of an annual Nature & Conservation Economy Summit in Winter 2024.

Funded: $75k

over three years.

About the Escarpment Corridor Alliance

The Escarpment Corridor Alliance was created in 2021 to protect Southern Georgian Bay’s Niagara Escarpment, a celebrated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, from mega development. The vision is to create a network of eco-corridors and trails that unites over 500 square kilometers of incredibly beautiful forest, wetlands, and five watersheds connecting the Blue Mountains and Beaver Valley, Castle Glen and Kolapore to Beaver Valley. Additionally the ECA aims to collaboratively unite the 20+ environmental nonprofits in the region to achieve ‘one coordinated voice’.

About the Projects

Youth Environmental Stewardship Program

The project will begin with a regional community scan and assessment of environmental and outdoor education, recreation and wellness programs for youth.

Research has demonstrated that nature immersion plays a critical role in youth mental health and wellbeing. If it is determined that there is a program gap and need for innovative new offerings, the SGBIF and ECA will conduct a feasibility study in the second year of this funding partnership for introducing new outdoor wellness related programs in partnership with local businesses, government and other local nonprofits.


Nature Based Conservation Economy Vision

Create a vision that would make South Georgian Bay a world class nature & wellness home and destination by developing and gathering support for an innovative model for sustainable, joint environmental and economic development.


Annual Nature & Conservation Economy Summit

The Summit will bring together regional, provincial, federal and world environmental,
conservation, environmental and wellness experts for a collaborative discussion around the concept of a nature-based conservation economy, the importance of nature for wellness and mental health, and the importance of eco-corridors in our region.