News & Upcoming Activities

News & Upcoming Activities

jan – mar 2024

The Escarpment Corridor Alliance begins development of the Youth Environmental Stewardship Program

Phase I includes a local student and youth leader of the emerging South Georgian Bay Environmental Action Group conducting a research study to identify the existing regional/local community programming.

Planning Begins for a Fall 2024 Nature Corridor Summit Event
Hosted by the Escarpment Corridor Alliance, the Summit will bring together regional, provincial, federal and world environmental, conservation, environmental and wellness experts for a collaborative discussion around the concept of a nature-based conservation economy, the importance of nature for wellness and mental health, and the importance of eco-corridors in our region.

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september 2023

Collingwood Today features the fund’s grant to the Escarpment Corridor Alliance

Escarpment alliance gets 3-year funding promise from local donors


Ontario Nature – The South Georgian Bay Innovation Fund sponsored a youth participant in the Youth Summit for Mother Earth

Held in September each year since 2010, the Youth Summit engages young leaders from dozens of communities across the province. Our annual Youth Summit brings together young people aged 14–20 for a weekend of nature exploration, environmental learning and outdoor fun.

For the 2023 Youth Summit, Ontario Nature, the Indigenous Environmental Institute at Trent UniversityPlenty Canada, and Walpole Island Land Trust will be partnering with our leaders on the Youth Council and Youth Circle for Mother Earth’s Coordinating Circle to offer a unique, cross-cultural event for youth across Ontario.

august 2023

In August 2023 the South Georgian Bay Innovation Fund pledged $75,000 over three years to the Escarpment Corridor Alliance (ECA)

The grant will focus on three areas that align with the ECA’s strategic priorities. First is development of a youth environmental stewardship program. Second, is developing the concept of a ‘nature-based conservation economy vision’. Third is support for the planning and launch of an annual Nature & Conservation Economy Summit in Winter 2024.

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